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Padmavati Full Movie

One of the most highly waited movie in bollywood padmavati full movie. padmavati official trailer is recently released. Everyone is excited and eagerly waiting for 1st December to watch padmavati full movie.

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Padmavati movie is indian period drama film directed by sanjay leela bhansali.
Deepika padukone in padmavati playing title of Queen Padmavati. Along side
shahid kapoor in padmavati plays Rajput king Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh. Ranveer singh in padmavati playing role of alauddin khilji.

 Padmavati Official Trailer :

padmavati official trailer (Padmavati Full Movie)
padmavati official trailer (Padmavati Full Movie)
Deepika  padukone in padmavati looking gorgeous and just by looking padmavati official trailer she has won many hearts and now every one is excited to watch
Padmavati Full Movie.

deepika padukone in padmavati (Padmavati Full Movie)
deepika padukone in padmavati (Padmavati Full Movie)

  Shahid Kapoor In Padmavati :

shahid kapoor in padmavati (Padmavati Full Movie)
shahid kapoor in padmavati (Padmavati Full Movie)

 Ranveer Singh In Padmavati :

Ranveer Singh in Padmavati (Padmavati Full Movie)
Ranveer Singh in Padmavati (Padmavati Full Movie)

Ranveer Singh in Padmavati (Padmavati Full Movie)
Ranveer Singh in Padmavati (Padmavati Full Movie)

Padmavati movie is the third collaboration between Raveer Singh and Deepika Padukone with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

In the past they already worked together in movie Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani. Both movie was super hit and bollywood fall in love with this beautiful pair on screen.


Deepika Padukon in  padmavati                  as Rani Padmavati

Shahid kapoor in Padmavati                        as  Rawal Ratan Singh

Ranveer Singh in Padmavati                        as Alauddin Khilji

Aditi Rao Hydari                                              as Kamala Devi

Raza Murad                                                      as Jalaluddin Khilji

Jim Sarbh                                                          as Malik Kafur

Written By                                                   Sanjay Leela Bhansali & Prakash Kapadia

Directed By                                                  Sanjay Leela Bhansali    
Produced by                               Viacom 18 Motion Pictures & Bhansali Productions

Sanjay leela bhansali padmavati budget is 200 Crore. In October 2016, it was announced that Bhansali would team up with Viacom 18 Motion Pictures to produce the film with Singh and Padukone along with Shahid Kapoor as Rawal Ratan Singh, playing the lead roles.

Every headline associated with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati, is said to unnumerable controversies and threats encompassing the movie. However, within the inside of all the noise, the film appears to be steady moving towards its regular launch date. Shahid Kapoor, playing rajput warrior king Rawal ratan Singh is seen in his royal best within the all new Padmavati poster discharged on weekday.

For Shahid, it's the first time that he's doing a amount drama and he positively appearance the part as the King. after Deepika’s third poster dropped this week, it had been Shahid turns for the third time and it’s dripping with royalty. And what a poster it is! looking royal and fierce, Shahid is sitting on his golden throne carrying a violet and gold attire. The royal headgear, beard and long hair build him look terribly royal, nearly king-like.

  Padmavati Full Movie Story :

Padmavati movie is based on true story of a legendary Hindu queen padmavati, mentioned in padmavat an epic poem written in 1540 CE.

According to padmavat poem queen padmavati was wife of  Ratnasimha (Rawal Ratan singh). Ratnasimha was a ruler of mewar.

Padmavati (Padmini) was child of Father Gandharvsen and mother Champavati. she was very beautiful women. 

Queen Padmavati
Queen Padmavati
Her Father Gandharvsen has arranged swayamvara and invited all the Hindu kings to ask for her hand .

Queen Padmavati
Queen Padmavati
In that swayamvara Rawal Ratan Singh (RatnaSimha) was also invited. He was the king of beautiful place Chittor.


In swayamvara organized by Gandharvsen Rawal Ratan Singh won the
swayamvara and married to padmavati.

After marriage he return to chittor with his gorgeous second queen padmavati.

In 1296, Alauddin Khilji (ranveer singh in padmavati playing role of Alauddin Khilji ) took the reins of Delhi throne. He treacherously murdered Sultan Jalaluddin Khilji, who was also his uncle and father-in-law, to be the next Sultan. He carried Jalaluddin’s head on a spear inside Delhi during holy Ramazan. Alauddin Khilji was one of the most brutal humans to have been ever born on earth.

In 1303, Alauddin Khilji attacked Mewar. Reason being Rani Padmavati, most gorgeous beautiful queen of Chittor. Chittor was Mewar’s capital. When he came to know about her, he launched an attack on Chittor in order to capture her.

But to his dismay, on reaching Chittor, Alauddin found the fort to be heavily defended. Desperate to have a look at the legendary beauty of  queen Padmavati, he sent a message to King Rawal Ratan Singh that if Khilji could have a glimpse of Queen Padmavati’s face he would return to Delhi.

In order to maintain peace and avoid loss of life, Rawal Ratan Singh consulted his advisors and agreed to let Khilji see Padmavati’s reflection in mirror. Khilji along with his bodyguards entered the fort and after looking at her in the mirror, returned.

padmavati full movie
Queen Padmavati’s reflection in mirror (padmavati full movie)

According to Rajput version, it had been not the Queen herself however her brother in a saree. it had been thought-about a shame to point out king’s wife to a different man and thus they set to disguise queen's brother (who looked almost like her) as a woman and create him sit on the steps of summer palace that is found within the middle of the lake.

Alaudin Khilji was encircled by four Rajput guards and created to stand with his back facing the summer palace during a room on the banks of the lake with a window. Alaudin was asked to see the queen within the mirror that was hanged on the wall in front of him terribly near ceiling, that showed the last 3 steps of the summer palace (Padmini Mahal). If he tried to show back he would not see her as a result of she is on the lower ground. also he wasn't allowed to approach the window to directly look at the queen's brother disguised as queen. however all alternative versions say that it had been Padmavati herself and not her brother.

Out of courtesy, ratan Singh, in conjunction with his warriors visited see him off to the gate of the fort. There the deceptive Khilji signaled his soldiers to arrest the King ratan Singh.

He sent a message through his men that so as to achieve release of Rawal ratan Singh, Padmavati should agree to accompany ruler to delhi. If the Queen refuses, Khilji can send ratan Singh's cut off head to her and at the moment he can attack the fort and kill all. everybody was stunned by this message.

Queen Padmavati right away devised a counter scheme by that she might get the discharge of her husband and shield her honour moreover. She mentioned this with Gora, her maternal uncle/military general. Gora in agreement and told her to not worry. He would go and produce back her husband and sultan isn't brave enough to prevent him. Gora's orphan nephew Badal who was simply sixteen additionally assured her.

Her reply to Khilji was that if the ruler might send seven hundred Palkis (Palanquins) for her seven hundred maids then she would accompany him.

Sultan accepted the proposal and consequently sent her seven hundred Palkis. according to Padmavati’s set up, a warrior in woman’s disguise was created to sit down in every palki, that carried arms for 6 soldiers disguised as footmen of the every Palki. Another demand was that none of Khilji’s troopers should be allowed peek inside the palki because it would outrage the modesty of the ladies.

So these seven hundred palkis drove by Gora, achieved Sultan's camp and it was passed on to him that Padmavati needs to meet her Husband for the last time. Sultan concurred, whereupon Palkis moved towards Ratan Singh's camp. The greater part of Khilji's warriors were occupied with twisting up and getting ready for the arrival trip to Delhi.

At the point when the palkis achieved Ratan Singh's camp, Padmavati's palki entered the tent, others held up outside. A blacksmith wearing saree Padmavati's palki and used his weapons to discharge the ruler from the bondages. Gora requested that Ratan mount the horse and bacl to the fort with Badal. At that point Gora gave a flag and each rajput left the palki and assaulted. Utilizing this cover, Ratan was reclaimed to the fort.

The unforeseen development took the Sultan and his officers totally off guard before they could grab hold of the circumstance, the 700 warriors from the Palkis and 4200 footmen turned warriors fell upon the adversary.

According to rajput version, Gora had fought terribly courageously and engaged Khilji’s soldiers even once he was enclosed from all sides. when the enemy's cavalry got too near ratan Singh, Badal urged the King to proceed. He and his fellow rajput soldiers stayed back and barred Khilji’s men from following the King. once beheading countless enemies, Gora was slayed from the rear and earned martyrdom, followed by Badal. ratan Singh was the sole one who could come back alive. All the men, together with the brave pair of Gora and Badal, fought like beasts and arranged their lives to guard their King.

A frustrated Alauddin, though came back to Delhi, seethed in agony to revenge his insult. In no time did he organize his army and attacked Chittor once more. However, hard as they tried the Sultan’s army couldn't break into the fort.

Then Alauddin set to put siege to the fort. The siege was a long drawn one and lasted for 6 to eight months. step by step supplies among the fort were depleted. Finally it had been set that the Rajputs would open the gates and fight to death with the besieging troops.

On hearing of this call, Queen Padmavati set that with their men-folk going into the unequal struggle with the Sultan’s army during which they were sure to go, the ladies of Chittor had either to commit ‘Jauhar’ (mass self-immolation) or face dishonour at the hands of the victorious enemy. The rulers, their troopers, the ladies folks of royalty and therefore the commoners thought-about death as an improved possibility than dishonour within the face of surrender to the foreign offensive army

padmavati full movie
Queen Padmavati commit Juhar (padmavati full movie)

The choice was in favour of suicide through jauhar. a large heap was lit and every one the ladies of Chittor jumped into the flames when their queen, so depriving the enemy waiting outside. when this victory, the Sultan’s troops entered the fort only to be confronted with ashes and burnt bodies.

Secret access to kund: Inside the Chittor fort, Queen Padmavati and all the added consorts of Rawal Ratan Singh, along with wives of army men and every woman present in the state, absolved down the abstruse access affiliated from Chittor acropolis into the Jauhar Kund.

They wailed for their men and sang praises of their courage and calm they jumped into the fire; Queen Padmavati was the first one to jump into the Jauhar Kund. The entire place was echoed by their cries. By the time, Khilji’s army entered the place to fort their ascendancy on royal treasure and women; they were accustomed by awesome sounds advancing from the Jauhar Kund
Juhar Kund (padmavati full movie)
Juhar Kund (padmavati full movie)

 The screams coming out from the Jauhar Kund (in picture above) were so fierce that Khilji ordered to close the tunnel passage.

It is one amongst the foremost anticipated releases of this year, Deepika Padukone are going to be seen playing the titular role and Ranveer Singh are going to be seen as Emperor Alauddin Khilji.The movie has been marred in controversies since the start of its shoot scehdule. Bhansali is defendant of distorting facts to make his movie. in the movie, Deepika plays the titular role whereas Ranveer plays the a part of Alauddin Khilji. The magnum opus is set to release on Dec 1, 2017.​

Deepika Padukone In Padmavati
Padmavati Full Movie
Padmavati Movie
Padmavati Official Trailer
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Ranveer Singh In Padmavati
Sanjay Leela Bhansali Padmavati
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